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AberLasting Clover
Persian & Berseem Clover

AberLasting Caucasian White Clover X


A real breakthrough – the first super clover is here!

This new Caucasian/white clover cross provides the nutritive and N-fixing benefits of white clover, as well as drought-tolerant rhizomatous root characteristics.

  • AberLasting has all the characteristics of a small-leaf white clover coupled with the drought tolerance of Caucasian clover
  • Other beneficial traits include stolons and rhizomes from the Caucasian clover
  • Features include high levels of stolon density and tolerance to set stocking
  • Bred to provide a more drought-tolerant and persistent perennial legume
  • Suitable for use in all grazing systems including permanent pasture with limited water

Developed through conventional crossing techniques, AberLasting is a small leaved white clover that’s proven to be drought tolerant and persistent, even in clover root weevil areas, and therefore is ideal for long term grazing. Further good news for farmers is that medium and large leaved Aber clover-caucasian hybrids are in the Aber pipeline to benefit a variety of pastoral farm systems. Aber clovers are bred for stress tolerance, grazing tolerance, pest and disease resistance and are fully compatible with AberHSG ryegrass cultivars.

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Scientific Name
Trifolium repens

Sowing Rate: 3-5 kg/ha
Blend Rate: 1-3 kg/ha

Only available from UMS!

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