AberMagic Perennial Ryegrass
Perennial Ryegrass

AberMagic Perennial Ryegrass


A late-maturing, diploid perennial ryegrass that moves animal production and persistence up to a new level.

  • A premium High Sugar Grass that can significantly improve the utilisation of protein from grass for increased meat and milk production, while lowering methane production
  • Very high levels of digestibility and palatability throughout the growing season
  • Provides traditional yardsticks such as yield, persistence and disease resistance
  • Offers the highest feed quality available from a diploid perennial ryegrass

Scientific Name
Lolium perenne

Sowing Rate: 20-25 kg/ha
Blend Rate: 10-15 kg/ha

Only available from UMS!

Plant Characteristics

  • A diploid type with fine leaves and dense tillers which grows really persistent pasture
  • Ideal when sown alone, but also an excellent custom blend ingredient
  • Proven genetics backed up by rigorous research and development.
  • AR1 Endophyte status which means
- No ryegrass staggers
- Insect resistance
- More palatable pastures hence increased milk production.


A late flowering variety designed to produce DM later into the season.
Days to flowering relative to Nui (0) = +19 days

Area of Adaption

  • Medium to high rainfall zones
  • Suitable for irrigation or dryland


Sow at 20-25kg/ha alone or 10-15kg/ha when a component of a pasture blend.

Features, Advantages and Benefits

AberMagic is a High Sugar Grass (HSG) bred to contain higher levels of water-soluble carbohydrates (WSC) which provide extra energy to microbes in the animals’ rumen, thus allowing the animal to digest and use more of the protein from forage for increased milk production and live weight gain.

AberMagic HSG is the next generation of diploid perennial ryegrass from IBERS (Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University) breeding program. It has been bred to further improve the energy to protein ratio (see table 1 in brochure). This improvement allows for increased digestibility and higher DM intakes - the key for improving animal performance.

AberMagic HSG offers farmers all the traditional yardsticks such as yield, persistence and disease resistance (see tables in brochure) but more importantly can provide the highest feed quality available from a diploid perennial ryegrass.

Cattle and sheep are poor converters of grass protein into milk and meat. When grazing a standard ryegrass, livestock use only about 20% of protein from the forage for production - and the rest is degraded to rumen ammonia (see table 2 in brochure) and wasted in faeces and urine. This is not only financially costly, but also detrimental to the environment.

The bottom line is that beef and lamb grazing trials conducted by IBERS have shown an increase in live weight gains of up to 20% compared to animals fed a control ryegrass.

UMS is the exclusive Australian distributor of AberĀ® High Sugar Grasses.

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