Harpoon barley paddock for queensland farmer

Bundaberg based farmer Simon Algeo first tried Harpoon Barley last year when he was unable to get his usual variety from his local rural store.

In early June it was sown into light grey soil at a rate of 58kg/ha, with a base fertiliser rate of 250kg/ha. There was approx. 60mm of rain and 4 irrigations. The crop was side dressed with Incitec 150s at 300kg/ha.

On the 18th of August it was cut, yielding a fantastic result of 26 bales/ha.

Simon says, “The crop struck well, grew very well and tillering was really good with it not going straight into head as soon as the weather warmed up!”

Simon is extremely happy with the results of his Harpoon Barley, and is due to sow his next crop this month. 

For more information on Harpoon Barley click here.

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