Massive is a premium forage oat variety bred from a joint Australian/North American breeding program with Upper Murray Seeds. Massive was bred to provide good early feed while having the capacity to survive tough conditions. It is very quick to first grazing and has excellent growth during Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

Massive is a much-loved variety sown in many areas across Australia including the Monaro region of New South Wales. Andrew Rolfe better known as Rolfey is an agronomist and part-owner/operator of Kenilworth Grazing located in Maffra, New South Wales. After seeing Massive Oats in a local trial, Andrew made the decision to implement the very-late maturing variety into his pasture system. He says, “It stood out well in the local trial and it made me want to try it.”

In August of 2021 Andrew sowed Massive Oats into very fertile soil at 85kg/ha. He says, “They were sown into cold ground, so initially took some time to get up, but once it got the 3 leaf, the growth was amazing!”

The oats were sown into an old Lucerne stand which was used to bulk up for a silage cut. 120 kg DAP/ha fertilizer was applied to the crop.

Andrew was impressed with the performance of Massive Oats, stating “Things that stood out were its tillering ability, large leaf resulting in a bulky stand with plenty of tonnage/ha.” Andrew measured approx. 8t/ha dry matter, cut and was “very pleased with the result”.

Massive is available from your local rural store. For more information click here or speak to your local UMS area manager.

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