Ryegrass in regional victoria.

Munch is a high yielding, tetraploid perennial ryegrass which is ideal for dairy, beef and sheep systems. It combines high levels of metabolisable energy, crude protein and water soluble carbohydrates to create one of the best performing grasses on the market.

Munch has been powering along in regional Victoria. Check out what these farmers have to say.

UMS Munch Perennial Ryegrass looking incredible in Skipton, VIC.

The right advice goes a long way, my stocking rate has doubled to 20 DSE/ha on this paddock during lambing. Twin lambing ewes enjoying small paddock sizes and an abundance of quality feed.

James Cusack, Skipton Victoria.
Munch Ryegrass performing magnificently in Addington, VIC.

I’ve been very happy with UMS “Munch” ryegrass. Early vig and growth have been key to pasture production. Saving this particular paddock for twin bearing ewes in 2 weeks.

Charles Edmonston, farmer and agronomist based in Addington, Victoria.

Munch is available from your local rural store. For more information click here or speak to your local UMS area manager.

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