Paddock of harpoon barley in tasmania

With its extremely rapid growth, UMS Harpoon HV Forage Barley has been impressing farmers around the country ever since its release! 

Tasmanian based farmer and agronomist, Tim Walker sowed this awnless variety back in July at 100kg/ha. He says “It’s incredibly vigorous. I’ve just never seen anything grow quite so quickly! It’s grown up to my chest and I’m not a short person, you could lose children in it.”

In Tim’s words he “grazed the bajeebez out of it” for a month, and it grew back “ridiculously quick, you’d be right to think I didn’t graze it!” While it was sown into good growing country along the NW coast of Tassie, Tim says Harpoon “would grow really well in dryland areas as well”.

“I would have no hesitation on recommending it as a forage crop. It produces a ridiculous amount of feed.” Thanks for the great feedback Tim!

Click here for more information on Harpoon Forage Barley.

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