Paddock of pastoral fescue

Persistence is a big thing for Braidwood based Farm Manager, Marcus Lyon. For the past 3 years Marcus has sown UMS Pastoral Fescue with phalaris in a custom mix, on the Hassall’s southern tablelands property, Glendaruel.

Marcus says “we probably had the driest year in 20 years last year and the fescue managed to persist through that. That’s a great test!”

Pictured is Marcus and farmhand Mitch among two of their paddocks, both sown at 15kg/ha. The shorter was sown during autumn this year and the taller the year prior.

Marcus plans to use Pastoral Fescue in the future and says, “there is really good density there still, the fescue hasn’t really thinned out yet. It’s a good thing!”

Click here for more information on Pastoral Fescue.

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