Productive Pastures with a Farmer and his dog

Father and son duo, Tim and Guy Paramore chose UMS Blast Annual Ryegrass as a productive pasture option for their Burrumbuttock property. 🌿

In early May it was direct drilled into an old stand of phalaris and sub clover, with 1kg of grazing canola, at 15kg/ha. 80kg/ha of MAP was applied during sowing and it was later grazed by young trading steers for 2 weeks in July. In August it was topdressed with 100kg/ha of Urea.

The paddock was then closed up for silage and produced 14t/ha! Tim struggled to get the tedder to do its job as, “it was just so heavy”. These photos were taken two weeks after it was cut for silage. It will now be grazed by weaned lambs.

Click here for more information on Blast Annual Ryegrass.

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