Thick Ryegrass Patch with Quad bike

After searching for a suitable ryegrass online, Nathan Young from Kangaroo Island, South Australia, stumbled across Atomic Annual Ryegrass. It all fell into place after speaking to his UMS Area Manager, Keith Lange who put him in contact with a local reseller Kangaroo Island Veterinary Clinic, and he’s been “really happy with the seed” ever since! 🌿

The paddock was sown at the end of May at 25kg/ha and was grazed for 3-4 weeks during July. 75kg of Urea was applied in August. “Since cutting for hay in October, it has regrown significantly,” says Nathan. A couple of weeks ago it was baled and produced an impressive result of 7.2t/ha.

In Nathan’s words he is “very pleased with the result” and states “it’s ability to recover quickly really stood out.”

Click here for more information on Atomic Annual Ryegrass

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