This week UMS Area Managers Keith, Damien and Allan took a road trip down south to Weeran Angus in Western Victoria to sow a trial site using our new demo seeding rig!

The site will showcase a range of premium pasture seed varieties including a mix of highly productive annual, Italian and perennial ryegrasses, fescues, cocksfoot and Phalaris. There will also be a selection of clovers, lucerne and forage cereals for growers who are interested in other forage options.

The varieties selected for this demonstration site were developed through the Upper Murray Seeds premier Plant Breeding program which is located in the Tasmanian Midlands. The Western Victoria trial aims to increase the footprint of the Upper Murray Seeds Research and Development program while giving local growers access to location-specific results.

We cannot wait for you to see the results! If you’re interested in checking it out give Keith Lange a call on 0428 406 464.

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  1. Good morning- is the seeder a specially designed one ? I do not want a large seeder and this one looks just about right.
    Daryl McGrath
    Green Park Cattle Yackandandah

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