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AberDance White Clover (Trifolium repens)

A medium-leaf white clover which provides flexibility in a variety of grazing management systems and is best suited to sheep or cattle grazing.

Key Features

  • Can be used in either medium or long-term pastures
  • High-yielding and persistent in a range of systems
  • Showed consistently high yields over 8 years in long-term trials
  • Bred for stress tolerance, grazing tolerance, pest and disease resistance
  • Flexibility, ie suitable for hard grazing and cutting

Plant Characteristics

  • Very winter hardy with outstanding cool season activity
  • High stolon density
  • Medium leaf size

Sowing Rate

  • 3-5 kg/ha

Blend Rate

  • 1-3 kg/ha

Where can I grow it?

  • Best suited to medium to high rainfall zones or irrigation
  • Responds well to spring and summer moisture
  • Will grow in a wide range of soil and fertility conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Sow at 3-5kg/ha alone or 1-3kg/ha when a component of a pasture mix.

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