AberLasting Caucasian White Clover X (Trifolium repens)

AberLasting is a Caucasian/white clover cross providing the nutritive and N-fixing benefits of white clover, as well as drought-tolerant rhizomatous root characteristics.


Only available from UMS!

Key Features

  • High levels of stolon density and tolerance to set stocking
  • Bred to provide a more drought-tolerant and persistent perennial legume
  • Ideal for long term grazing

Plant Characteristics

  • Has all the characteristics of a small-leaf white clover coupled with the drought tolerance of Caucasian clover
  • Stolons and rhizomes from the Caucasian clover
  • Dense fibrous root system for dry tolerance

Sowing Rate

  • 3-5 kg/ha

Blend Rate

  • 1-3 kg/ha

Where can I grow it?

  • Suitable for use in all grazing systems including permanent pasture with limited water
  • Proven to be drought tolerant and persistent, even in clover root weevil areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Sow at 3-5kg/ha alone or 1-3kg/ha when a component of a pasture mix.

White Clover Perennial Ryegrass
Digestibility (D-value %) 75-82 65-75
Crude protein (%) 27 17
Dry matter intake by sheep (kg/day) 1.9 1.6
Calcium content (%) 1.6 0.6
Magnesium content (%) 0.18 0.16
Phosphorus (%) 0.6 0.3
Copper (parts per million) 10.0 6.5
Selenium (parts per 100 million) 0.6 0.2
AberLasting Caucasian White Clover X pulled from soil

Six-month-old AberLasting (left) planted in October 2015 into an unfertile, dry and bony site. The plant is expressing itself similar to a Caucasian clover below ground, with new plants growing off the parent plant rhizomes. These new plants are then establishing tap roots measuring down to at least 200mm.

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