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AberNiche Festulolium (Festulolium braunii)

AberNiche is an interspecies cross (Italian-type ryegrass x meadow fescue) ie a hybrid grass, adapted to a variety of stress conditions, particularly drought.

Key Features

  • Significantly improved water use efficiency proven in simulated drought trials
  • Can be combined in short term mixes with Italian or hybrid ryegrass
  • For longer term mixes include cocksfoot alongside perennial or hybrid ryegrasses, plus white clover

Plant Characteristics

  • Densely tillered and well suited to bulk hay or silage
  • Rapid establishment
  • Winter hardy
  • Dense, deep root system to help in dry seasons


  • AberNiche is a late-maturing variety designed to produce DM later into the season. Days to flowering relative to Nui (0) = +16

Where can I grow it?

  • Medium to high rainfall zones
  • Suitable for irrigation or dryland but not hot, dry climates
  • Cold and frost tolerant

Sowing Rate

  • 20-25 kg/ha

Blend Rate

  • 10-15 kg/ha

Frequently Asked Questions

Sow at 20-25kg/ha alone or 10-15kg/ha when a component of a pasture mix. Preferable to sow in warmer soil conditions such as early autumn. Can also provide a spring sowing option to produce summer feed under irrigation or with good rainfall.

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