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Grow’nGraze Forage Sorghum (Hybrid Sorghum x Sudan)

Grow’nGraze is a highly productive blend of hybrid forage sorghum which grows rapidly and recovers quickly following grazing or cutting.

Key Features

  • Under favourable conditions, Grow’nGraze has the potential to reach 1 metre in height, just 7 weeks after sowing.

Plant Characteristics

  • Hybrid Sorghum x Sudan

Sowing Rate

  • Marginal dryland 3-5kg/ha
  • Favourable dryland 5-10kg/ha
  • Irrigation or high rainfall 15kg/ha

Seed Size

  • 30,000-35,000 seeds/kg

Feed Quality

  • Digestibility 56-61%
  • Protein 12-18%
  • Ideal grazing height 1 metre

Frequently Asked Questions

The young plants and leaves of sorghum/sudan grass contain prussic acid which decreases as plants mature. When plants reach 0.8-1m in height, the prussic acid content in reasonable growing conditions should not be dangerous.

These commonly recommended precautions for forage sorghums should be followed:

  1. Delay grazing or feeding until plants are 0.8m tall either from the first growth following mowing or close grazing.
  2. If crop development is stunted by drought or other conditions it should be allowed to recover before grazing or feeding.
  3. Wait a full week after a killing frost to feed or graze the dry crop.
  4. Provide sulphur blocks to stock.

Grow’nGraze will produce maximum feed quality and quantity with intensive strip feeding or rotational grazing. The most rapid recovery after grazing generally occurs if the crop is not grazed below a height of 15cm.