We’ve built our reputation on providing the quality seed products and solutions needed to boost on-farm productivity for farmers located across Australia. With branches in southern QLD and northern NSW, tropical pasture seed is a natural extension of our product offering.

Tropical seeds in paddock NSW.
Tropical Varieties

Our range

We have a wide selection of tropical legume, grass and pasture species available to suit your specific conditions, including:

  • Buffel
  • Bluegrass
  • Digitaria
  • Panic
  • Paspalum
  • Rhodes
  • Setaria
  • Perennial legumes
  • Cow Peas
  • Lab Lab
  • Plus more!

Tropical Blends

Our range of tropical and sub tropical mixes have been developed to suit a range of conditions. If you’re after something specific, our team are able to design a custom mix to suit your farming operations.

For more information on our range of Tropical seed, check out our Tropical Pasture Guide or get in touch with your UMS Area Manager.

panic grass paddock