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Victory Forage Oats (Avena sativa)

Victory is a very high-yielding and late maturing, modern forage oat cultivar with an extremely rapid growth rate.

Key Features

  • Semi-erect growth habit
  • Good seedling vigour
  • Excellent growth during Autumn, Winter and Spring
  • High tolerance to grazing

Plant Characteristics

  • Medium seed size
  • Large leaf size
  • Low growing point


  • Victory is a slightly earlier maturing variety compared to Massive but later than most southern varieties

Sowing Rate

  • Dryland/ Low Rainfall: 80-120 kg/ha
  • Irrigation/ High Rainfall: 100-150 kg/ha

Where can I grow it?

  • Can be sown in more areas than most other oat varieties
  • Grows well from southern Victoria right through to Queensland
  • Suited to both dryland and irrigation conditions
  • Suited to most soil types
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