Rod and Sharon Henderson had always grown Hunter River lucerne. Once they learnt from UMS how Silverosa GT 7, with Hunter River parentage, would be even better for their hay supply business, the Hendersons started trialling the grazing-tolerant variety on their well-watered alluvial flats.


“We like Silverosa GT 7 because it produces good leafy hay for our clients. It holds leaf if we let it go
a few days and not drop it all, like others we have tried” says Rod. They also like its persistence. “Now the oldest paddock is up to three years, I can see it lasting a good while before replanting is necessary, maybe six to eight years.”


Rod harvested round bales of Silverosa GT 7 (averaging 275kg) for a remarkably high-yielding first cut compared to the industry average. He said: “Silverosa GT 7 is very quick to establish and yields right from the start! We have now sown some SilverSky 11 and first-cut figures are equally as impressive with a very good leaf:stem ratio which makes beautiful hay.”