Man standing in paddock of barley crop

This autumn Upper Murray Seeds is offering cash back on selected seed varieties purchased, to Australian farmers.

From 1 February to 31 May, get $50 cash back for every 500kg of selected Ryegrass varieties including:

  • Atomic Annual Ryegrass
  • Blast Annual Ryegrass
  • Awesome Short Term Ryegrass and
  • Denver Short Term Ryegrass.

After a high-performance pasture blend? Get $50 cash back for every 500kg of selected UMS blends including:

  • Hay and Silage
  • Tractor Stopper and
  • Meat and Milk.

Looking for a reliable cereal option? Get $50 cash back for every 2000kg of selected cereal varieties including:

  • Harpoon Forage Barley and
  • Lavish Forage Oats.

Purchases can be made through your local rural retailer. Start your entry today!

Terms and Conditions apply.

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