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Victory Forage Oats
Victory Forage Oats

Victory Forage Oats


Victory is a modern forage-oat cultivar bred to be very high-yielding and late maturing. Coupled with an extremely rapid growth rate, these features make Victory one of the market leaders in forage oats.

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Scientific Name
Avena sativa

Sowing Rate: 80-120 kg/ha Dryland
100-150 kg/ha Irrigation

Plant Characteristics

  • Semi-erect growth habit
  • Good seedling vigour
  • Excellent growth during Autumn, Winter and Spring
  • High tolerance to grazing with low growing point


  • Late maturing
  • Victory is a slightly earlier maturing variety compared to Massive but later than most southern varieties

Area of Adaption

Victory can be sown in more areas than most other oat varieties and grows well from southern Victoria right through to Queensland.

  • Suited to both dryland and irrigation conditions
  • Suited to most soil types


Ideal sowing rate for:

  • Dryland conditions 80-120kg/ha
  • Irrigation conditions 100-150kg/ha

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