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Since 1993, Upper Murray Seeds has been focused on developing and producing premium forage seed for the Australian farmer and International markets. With a proud family history, Upper Murray Seeds has grown over 3 generations, creating a fully integrated seed business with a commitment to increasing productivity for farmers across the country.


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Upper Murray Seeds is a forward-thinking Australian agribusiness built on solid foundations and sound values. We’re a family-owned company established over 28 years ago and have been growing around the country ever since.

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Premium seeds to power profits

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    Our Specialist Services


    Upper Murray Seeds researches, develops, breeds, grows, produces and markets more than 50 different varieties of commercial seeds including a wide range of grasses, cereals, legumes, brassicas and vegetables.

    Seed Cleaning

    Upper Murray Seeds’ specialised seed cleaning and processing facilities in Corryong and Tasmania are a vital component of our business. Our qualified and experienced staff work tirelessly to ensure our clients receive seed of maximum purity, with germination levels exceeding industry standards.


    As a client of Upper Murray Seeds agronomy services you are supported at all times by our experienced sales agronomists, at no cost to you.


    Our Working Process

    Our commitment to research
    At Upper Murray Seeds we have a strong commitment to developing innovative pasture and forage crop cultivars suited to the wide range of climates experienced across Australia, and around the world.
    World-class research facilities
    In 2018, Upper Murray Seeds R&D program expanded significantly with the establishment of the UMS Cressy Research Station in the Tasmanian midlands.
    Development & Assessment
    This centre of excellence is where new varieties are developed and assessed under a system of replicated trial plots and broader grazing trials to measure specific traits such as yield, palatability and persistence prior to the release of any new variety.
    The future of pasture
    The future of Upper Murray Seeds is both exciting and challenging, as we continue to grow and invest in breeding new pasture varieties suited to Australia’s variable climate and more extreme conditions.